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What about Shadows in the rain by Sting??

I remember very well the first time I heard "Shadows in the Rain" on the movie "Bring on the Night". It was the first song of the concert.

It was a super fast shuffle tune with a delightful chords progression.

Omar Hakim was the drummer and he's got an awesome groove and energy. I think I wasn't too easy to cover that reponsability for him just because the song in that version starts with a aggressive drums intro.

I found out the trailer of that movie!! I never seen it before..

I thought 30 years ago They used to do things differently comparing with the present. More romantic tough and speaking of human point of view I think that's not even a word to spend about it.

By the way. I grew up with that soulful movie. I was digging on the story when I was a little and I think that's one of my deep inspiration, you know, a super cool rehearsal room in one spectacular french colonial house. Every musician in the whole world would like to be part of that line up:

Sting - guitars and vocals

Darryl Jones - bass

Omar Hakim - drums and back vocals

Kenny Kirkland - keyboards

Brandford Marsalis - saxophone

Janice Pendarvis - Back vocals

Dolette McDonald - Back vocals

Was a great performance with spectacular musicians.

What About me?

I was totally impressed and that's the reason why I use to play that song in my own version for years and years.

That movie got me a great motivation to become a musician since I was a child.

Talk soon guys!!

Have a great one

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