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My dad talks about his music experience

Andrea's childwood was totally into the Music during every day.  His parents  used to listen to zillion of records and play some music with the classic guitar. So It was natural for him to feeling a strong actraction for that kind of magic art expression. That's also up to me, the father, I grew up in a music family too with my mother who used to sing folk music from Naples and with my father just was first clarinet for the Vatican Band and I can't forget him practicing hours and hours in the living room with his sons totally admiring him.

My father, his name was Michelangelo De Luca (first photo) really wanted one of his sons got the passion for the study of music harmony but no one of us got it I mean not in that way indeed my brother Geri since he was a teen-ager started to play guitar and got a band of friends called “Melfa 65”.

They got a decent success at the end of 60s. I do have great memories about the time we spent together with the whole family and everybody of us used to play one musical instrument. It was such a great time. My other brother Ranieri used to work like prof drummer back in the 80s and he's still playing with the famous band Jona's Blues Band. Andrea feat Jona's got gigs together for years (fw photo).

Sorry I got that long talking and talking but I am trying to explain how the Andrea's music passion came out.  By the way I got a deep music passion too for first for Rock and Blues. I was a teen-ager and I used to save the more money I could for great concert tickets for Pink Floyd, Ten Years After, Cream, Yes, Jethro Tull etc. That happened in Rome from the 1970. I spent hours and hours listen to the radio programs like “Per voi giovani” and “Radio Luxembourg” or literally burning my favourite records. I was diggin' mostly on the progressive rock suites, electronics and phsychedelic worlds.  I strongly love Blues and talking about the 80s I found out many great bluesmen like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Healey, Ben Harper and a bunch of other so talented musicians.

I think the perfect moment for Andrea music motivation was back in the 90s when he started to think to the music like a job for his whole life. When he was 19 he got a job as sound guy in a so professional music school in Rome and I think that was the very begin of his professional carrear.  

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