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Awesome comment from Valerio aka RioStone

"..when I first met Valerio he was a teenager. He used to study guitar technics and music harmony in the music school I used to work with. We are going back to the top of 2000's. He always showed a huge talent speaking of rock guitar from the 70s and he's got several bands. I remember one day I was working like sound guy to record his Deep Purple tribute band. It was such a great time :)

By the way we didn't see each other for like 10 years tough and 2 months ago he sent me a text on facebook and he said "Hey Andrea why don't you come and play at "La Braceria I vicini". That's where I use to work" ... and I said "Hell yeah man that's sounds good!!" and that's it.

He's also got great photos and videos that night!! Thank you for that!

He sent to me the following message the day after the gig:

"..Andrea De Luca just left his music here at the Braceria iVicini right on february 24th 2018.

Oh damn!! You can't imagine how much I love to thinking about to forget everything that sourranding that fucking thought: Art!

That's here...can you listen to it? That's blues and many musicians use to play it and hundreds and hundreds of them going into it with a weird idea about that, full of sheetty stuff about that.

When I listen to Andrea doing his thing I couldn't stop thinking about Art and that's thea reason why cool and warm vibrations was going on together with the Andrea's blues night"

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