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When I first met Andrea De Luca

The first time I heard Andrea was around 8 years ago.                                                    He was playing at the Jona's Blues Band 25th anniversary with many great special guests like Harbie Goins and Harold Bradley from Usa.

Actually that band is still one of the most famous in Italy and I was there for that reason and I was really impressed with his sureness and his great talent and the day after I've been looking for Andrea on social networks and when We got friend I said to him “Hey!! You're great!!”.

Here's the Jona's Blues Band performing Born To Lose with Herbie Goins:

After that I started follow him with mostly every band he’s got such as The Sharp Donkey (Netherlands, Chetz Republic, opening act for Johnny Winter in Rome) or Betty Jean (a super cool Jimi Hendrix tribute band) but above all I really dig on Andrea sound when he performs with his blues trio. Over the years he became a real prodigy and by the way speaking of Blues and Rock guitar players he’s defenitly got it and he’s got hot blood even If in his life far from the stage he is such a kind and calm guy.

Just trust me he's really know the way to transform the    guitar    in   pure energy and I really do believe Andrea's the best blues/rock guy I know. I think he deserves the best for his carrear.

Rome, March 13th 2018 - Claudia Spina.

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