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I am addicted with 7-eleven coffee... LOL 😂

Goodmorning Campers!!!

How’s it going???

Hope you day’s going super cool!!


Like I said my favorite kind of coffee here in America is definitely the 7-eleven. They have tasty flavors and the price is totally affordable. Yes! You can have a medium size cup of coffee for 1,69$ to 1,89$ roughly.

So yesterday I went for my laundry here in Se Portland and you know you have to wait at least 45 minutes while you dirty clothes going ... the beautiful thing was discovering One 7-eleven just soon before the laundry 🔝🔝🔝. So I just went there and made some photos:

And inside:

What’s your favorite???

I got the Brazilian Black Roast:

One of the best things in 7-eleven are the Non-dairy creams and to be honest sometimes I use to put 3 in my coffee especially if it is the first in my morning... remember if you are vegan you can use this one:

So guys... I think that’s enough about that. Let me know what’s your favorite coffee ☕️ please leave a comment below :)

Talk soon

Take care


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