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Los Angeles

Hey fellas that's my second time in Us and I am so happy I first got to LA. It was beautiful hanging around between Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, spending hours at the Guitar Center and Samash with my friend Dave Lewis.

Every morning I used to walk to 7-eleven for my coffe. To be honest the 7-eleven coffe is one of my favorite. Yes I know that's crazy because a bunch of american people and I mean 6 over 10 told me "7-eleven coffe it's the worst coffe in town".

By the way a bought this one for fun:

The Los Angeles vacation was great also for another cool reason. I met Bill Asher at his store and It was outstanding handeling many beatiful guitars. He's got a couple of new awesome guitars, let me tell you never seen before...just take a look:

Well, like I said I went many times to the Guitar Center right on Sunset Boulevard and I got such a great time playing cool axes and amps as well. I met many great musicians and that was awesome. I will post a new topic soon and I will show you as much as I can :)

Just a little anticipation

See you soon guys

Feel free to Post some beautiful axe you found out around the world in the following comment form ... I will do the same :)

Andrea 😎🎸✌🏿

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