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What’s that in the sky?Possible UFOs captured on my iPhone burst photos!! March 11th 2018 6,30pm Se Portland (Oregon)

March 12, 2018







I was just chilling outside the Stuart place I was looking to that beautiful sunset  and I thought to my self “you should shoot some photos" and that's exactly what I did. 

My Iphone SE "burst mode" was turned on and it does mean that if you watch the photos directly on that phone you can see the little light moving. I mean I really don't know what is that light but I didn't see it while I was shooting the photos. I found out that out 20 minutes ago scrolling my gallery for fun.  

Anybody of you guys heard something about that?

I checked on line and I discovered no news about that but I learned Oregon is a kinda of an Ufo area.


Please leave a comment below and just tell Us your Ufo history :)


Talk soon 

Take care


By the way

Here's somethings more about UFOs in Oregon


By Jamie Hale | The Oregonian/OregonLive
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If the truth is out there, it all starts west of the Rockies.

That's the big takeaway from a new interactive map created by Find the Best that plots UFO sightings across the U.S., by county and per capita. And like every other western state, Oregon is a hot spot for UFO activity...


If you want get more just click the following link  



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