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Andrea De Luca and his Blues Idea L'idea "Blues" di Andrea De Luca by A.Ga

I am so happy and glad to share with you guys this cool interview with Adriano Gasperetti, cool journalist works for the "Dire" Agency and Press here in Rome.

"..That's defenitly like we're talking about two different far worlds, the first full of opportunities, totally opened at the music business; the second, hard leaving there If you are a professional musician and so on..

Here's Andrea De Luca, extraordinary talented young bluesman from Rome (almost 37 y.o.) telling to us why he decided to leave Rome to go to America. He's got a lot of connections in the Portland Blues scene and he's got an idea about Rome and Portland like two twin cities.."

".. I am a professional musician and my thing is the Blues. Two years ago I got the idea to go to the United States and try to make it big. Here in Italy even If I work a lot with gigs I didn't have many artistic opportunities up to now. That's the point. In Portland in fact I found out what I had looking for like playing my music in a place where my music is the tradition of the country and that's why american people started love me from the first time. it was awesome. Andrea grew up in a music lovers family and after this trip to US his life's changed. There is a quite consciousness in me because I learned that a place where doing my job and stay cool exsists. That's why I am trying to move in there!

Andrea De Luca plays

Check out the italian version by CLICKING HERE or visit

(Translation by Andrea De Luca)

(Special Thanks to Andrea Merli)

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