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My latest album's OUT!!

Yes!! That's incredible!!

My second album called "Let Me Love You Tonight" is finally out on digital stores. That's crazy because I put in there a couple of tunes I wrote about ten years ago.

I recorded it with my trio last november at the Sound Awake Studio here in Rome. It suppose to be an EP and It means that the price is great.

Here's some photos about the recording session:

Here's the track-list:

1 - Let Me Love You Tonight, I wrote that one about 8 years ago and I remember I started to working on it while I was travelling from Netherlands to Italy.

2 - Baby Come Back, that's one of my newest blues tunes It sounds cool and "oldy" and I really like the way the drums sounded.

3 - Turn Off The Light Before You Go, this is defenitly one of my favorite own songs for first because it is as ballad and for second because I totally dig the guitar solo atmosphere. I recorded it with a goregeous PRS guitar the orange one on top left in the photo gallery.

4 - Oh Mama, that's the last song I wrote before leaving Italy last spring. Here's clear that I am telling to my mom saying "Hey I got to go play to the other side of the world.. LOL .."

5 - We Gaan For A Peave, this is an old song I wrote ten years ago. It's basically a rock and roll stuff with a bit of jazz flavour. The title is suppose to be scottish slang and It means something like "We hang out for a beer" or stuff like that I mean something really positive and social.

6 - Antonietta, that's a tune I wrote last winter and I wrote it inspiring to my grandmothe. Her name was "Antonietta" she was from Naples. She was my dad's mom and She teached me a lot of stuff like writing and reading from the age of 5 because she used to teach at the school for 40 years.

I am working on two new albums right now and I can't wait to tell you everything about that ...stay tuned!!

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