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RnB from New York w/Camille Trust ft. Andrea De Luca

This 2018 started with a cool surprise. A new collaboration's born with the great american talented famous singer Camille Trust from NYC. We will play at the Sofar Sound in Naples on sunday january 7th and plus we will get an incredible special concert on january 17th at the Elegance Cafè (Rome) with a super band featuring Andrea De Luca on guitars and vocals, Francesco De Rubeis on drums and Menotti Minervini on bass.

Here's some photos about Naples. I'll keep you posted and I'll let you know when the video's out.

I can't wait to play at the Elegance Cafè on next wednesday with Camille and two cool guys like Francesco De Rubeis on drums and Menotti Minervini on bass. We'll play some Camille Trust original tunes and We will enjoy the jam session after our set. Show starts at 10pm.

"..Have a soul night! Mercoledi’ 17 gennaio all’Elegance Cafè jazz club la straordinaria voce di Camille Trust direttamente dalla grande mela, all’insegna del Soul R’n B. La cantante Newyorkese guiderà ed aprirà la Jam Session del mercoledì con il suo repertorio di originali e cover dal forte impatto ritmico e virtuosistico.

Sul palco con lei, l’esperienza di due musicisti Italiani presenti sul panorama musicale statunitense: il chitarrista e cantante Andrea De Luca ed il batterista Francesco De Rubeis, al basso Menotti Minervini.

Camille Trust, a New York City based soul/pop singer/songwriter, exhibits a dynamic performance merging impressive soulful vocals with an energetic and powerful stage presence.

She has been touring with her original project for the past 2 years and is so excited for her debut in Italy!! Musical influences include Janis Joplin, Lauryn Hill and Etta James.

Her forthcoming debut EP set for release in 2018.

Link youtube:

Link canale youtube CAMILLE TRUST

Instagram: @camilletrust


Twitter: @camilletrust

Ingresso libero!..


[from the Elegance Cafè website >>]

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