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Review: Ethos by Hobo Guitars

The Ethos by Hobo Guitars is a limited-edition model offering professional skills and incredible styling.

3-Pickup Guitars featuring both single-coil pickups and push-pull custom system. Actually the most natural configuration see the guitar like a super Strat with the capital "S". This masterpiece is excellent. The narrow/tall frets (6105 - .090″ x .055″) are perfectly installed and rounded.

The Ethos sounds great unplugged. The cool tone is bright and incredible, with a lot of sustain and a strange “hollow” acoustic-like resonance. The bridge employs a vintage-style Telecaster Wilkinson the perfect skill on board for that awesome Ethos. The pickup selector is the traditional 5-way type and the tuners Fender Vintage 50s/60s style.

The type of the sound you can expect to get from Ethos perfectly defines what this guitar is all about. This is one of the most rare strats style guitar you can get.

Ethos is the type of guitar you always can count on especially if you love blues/country tone it is essentially the high-range segment. This is an extremely solid piece of work.

December 28th 2017

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