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Approved Artist Bio

“..If you don't know the blues... there's no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music..”

Keith Richards

Andrea De Luca is a young Italian man who has captured the melancholy subjects and sounds of the Blues, and like the most popular Blues artists, he is re-interpreting the old traditions for posterity, and performing that meaningful music, played from the heart, holds its huge capacity to make you laugh, cry and dance like an undergraduate student, whatever your age.

Andrea De Luca was born in Rome, in the center of Italy in the spring of 1981. He grew up listening to guitar heroes like Hendrix, Vaughan, Clapton. His parents showed him a lot of blues-rock videos and he was truly blown away. 

In the 90s He went through Ben Harper’s music and He started playing Lap Steel guitar.    

In the late 2000s, Andrea joined Jona’s Blues Band, co-producing their record "Back to life". Twenty years on the road both as a side-man and a band leader, all over Italy, Europe and Usa.

Besides, during these years he acquired a deep knowledge of music production such as recording techniques and song-writing approach.

In 2014 He had the honor of performing as opening act for the Johnny Winter Group. 

In 2016 his first record “Andrea De Luca Blues Trio” was released and showcased at the Italian House of Blues Big Mama Club.

In 2017 He performed with Dean Bowman at the Friday Night Blues.

In 2018 He became vice president of the Ngo Africa Sarda which takes care of kids from the Bauleni Compound managing a Music School located in Lusaka (Zambia).

In 2019 He opened the Victor Wooten Band concert.

In 2020 He produced the 40000 views “I can see clearly now Aid for Bauleni” which raised funds for Africa during the pandemic.  

In 2021 Andrea De Luca was awarded in Vix Vocal Awards as Best Music Talent.

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Photos by Gianfranco Fine 2022 (C)

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Photos by Domenico Maddaloni 2020 (C)


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