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Andrea De Luca is a young bluesman from Rome, Italy.

He grew up in a music family and started to play guitar at the age of six. He's got the real blues, he plays both in the United States and Europe.   

Born in Rome - Italy, raised in the italian Blues scenario

Andrea De Luca began playing guitar at the age of 6. 


"My dad used to play many great records in my childhood and my mom used to be a folk song-writer"


"I met several blues artists here in Rome and I started to thinking about me like a bluesman in my early years and nowaday.

I was super lucky".


"..I remember very clearly that the first concert we made together we couldn't rehearse and found ourselves on stage at the beginning of the concert and everything was born there.   I have a great feeling with Andrea because we have pretty much the same musical background.    I strongly believe Andrea's a great guitarist, even with lap steel guitar,    I must say that he is also a great blues /jazz singer and this is an added value to our shows (Dean Bowman - well renowned American Jazz Artist)"


At the age of 16 he was able to play in many bands also like a front-man. He pleasured crowds from he was really young starting being opening act for national and international music legends as Ennio and Andrea Morricone, Johnny Winter.


"Andrea De Luca is a true blues artist. He is a kindred soul to the Masters of the Music and he will add to its rich history (Mark Peterson - well renowned American Jazz Artist)"


During the last years Andrea started working with some guitar/gear  brands. In fact, he has been using Hobo Guitars for a long time.


"..I decided to support Andrea by building a whole set of luxury guitars: two spectacular electric Lap Steels, a Weissenborn model (early 1900's project) and an extraordinary acoustic guitar Parlor model.

A few months after, my guitars were used by Andrea at the Johnny Winter concert held in Rome on May 11, 2014. This gave my brand the opportunity to be admired and known by thousands of people and by the great bluesman, Johnny Winter (Samuele Calamassi - professional lute-maker from Empoli, Italy)"


"By the age of 20 I was starting to write my own songs and that's the great face of my job. My first album "Andrea De Luca Blues Trio" is out on Itunes and I have three new records ready to go out. 


"..I discovered a super professional blues musician and a gentleman who is really motivated to build his musical future. He plays both guitar and Lap Steel guitar with amazing passion.  His talent is real and his music resonates with our audience (Pat Walsh - Radio DJ for KFBC Sacramento CA USA)"




  • 2006 - Enjoy Yourself - A.Sordi Ass. production

  • 2010 - Back To Life - Sifare production

  • 2011 - JamSet! - s.p.

  • 2012 - JamSet for Christmas - s.p.

  • 2015 - Bluesion Andrea De Luca and Dean Bowman - s.p.

  • 2016 - Andrea De Luca Blues Trio - s.p.


Andrea's Endorsment / Gear / Others


  • Acoustic Weissenborn Koa Lap Steel guitar by Hobo Guitars

  • Acoustic Guitar Parlor Model HX14 by Hobo Guitars

  • Electric Weissenborn Koa Lap Steel guitar by Hobo Guitars

  • Electric Guitar Ethos Model by Hobo Guitars

  • F-Pedals Edistortion by Eddie Kramer

  • Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Amp





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