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Andrea De Luca has now been touring pretty much everywhere for twenty years developing his rare style, bluesy vocals sound, incorporating old and new with his multiple guitars and lap steel guitars he truly is a powerhouse, a true italian bluesman.

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Andrea Morricone - Andrea is a genuine guitar poet! It was a privilege to collaborate with him on my last record.

Johnny Winter - This guy can really play! He just needs to keep his bluesy swagger going!

Mark Peterson - We really is, pardon the pun, a soul brother to the masters of this music genre and is fit to continue leaving his legacy, adding to its rich history!

In 2021, he was awarded "Best Music Talent" at the National voice Over Movie Festival.


In 2022, he toured with the internationally renowned jazz drummer Roberto Gatto, playing a "Tribute to Jimi Hendrix". Now THAT'S what I call a man with a legacy we can be proud of!

Andrea De Luca is a highly sought-after Italian blues musician. He has played with many bands and musicians across a wide range of genres and locations, both in Italy and abroad. De Luca's unique style has won him critical acclaim and a large following among blues fans around the world.


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